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Good news, we are now up and running again after my illness we can take orders but it will be a while until dispatch our appologies and thanks for you patience steve

We provide  fibreglass Moulds for a wide range of Garden Ornaments, Benches, Tubs, Pots and Many More!


PLEASE NOTE PRICES ON THIS SITE ARE THE CHEAPEST,AND WE USE PAYPAL, if you wish to pay with online transfer (basc)we can reduce by 5% on orders between £250-£450 and 10%on orders over £450

As most of  our moulds are fibreglass only moulds they don't need a latex inner jacket and will therefore last an awful long time. I have fibreglass moulds which I bought 25 years ago and they are as good today as they were then! (we now make  latex and fibreglass moulds)

All our moulds are Easy to make and require a similar mix to that when making a sand castle on the beach; damp but not wet.

Full instructions on how to make the moulds are given on the product page of each item, including details on how to make different colours.

The finished article can be sold at Car Boot Sales, Craft Fairs, Local Auction Rooms, Front Gardens, Posters in Shop Windows, EBay, in fact anywere!

They Cost: Approximately as little as 50p-£3 to make, so there is a Very Good markup on the finished product.

You can make them in many diffrent colours whatever you enjoy the look of: wether that be blue lias, yellow ham stone, or your own local stone colour etc.,

The Semi dry mix

Lets talk about The Sand first if your making a pot or trough something with fine detail then you need a fine sand, if you are making a staddle stone or something that needs to look like stone then you need a sharp sand, if you are using a wet mix then any sand will do but as any builder will tell you a sharp sand is stronger.

Now Lets look at Colours: lets say you want Yellow pots, then you need yellow sand with white cement, you may find you will be quoted a silly price on white cement from your builders merchant, so tell them what you are going to make and that you will need lots of cement, therefore needing the very very best price from them, you may find the price will be half what they first quoted, even better play one off against the other find out how much Jewsons charge, then ring Travis and see how much lower they'll go etc. Lets say you want a Red pot then you need red sand and white cement, if you want a Grey pot then any colour sand and ordinary Grey Portland cement, in other words white cement won't change the colour of your sand, you ideally need a gallon of hardener (not nessasary if you don’t want to unpack quickly in cold weather) if you wanted to unpack your moulds in winter the mix won't go off very quick so add some hardener, but lets assume you don't need it for now.

Now the Mix: Ok so you've got your sand and cement and you are possibly going to make it in a concrete mixer although its fine to mix by hand also.

You will need to make a four to one mix ie: four buckets of sand to one bucket of cement.

Now the first thing is the sand, it needs to be fairly dry so that it will mix well with the cement, ok so put your ingredients in the mixer, now let this go round in the mixer a while, when its gone round the mixer for two or three minutes, spray the water slowly into the mixer until the mix is damp enough to just stay together when squeezed in the hand, if it falls apart easily its probably a bit dry, if its to wet it will look like sleet, (small balls) which is to be avoided at all costs or your stadde stone will look awful! If you've got sleet stop the mixer instantly and use it for something like a staddle or stone trough or preferably add more water and use it as a wet mix, if you use it for a pot your pot will look awfull and break.

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